Shade Plants

Large trees and shady areas in the yard can be a challenge to create a beautiful garden. Shady areas in our garden provides us with refreshing, cool and peaceful setting. Many gardeners find it challening and frusturating when planning out a garden in shady area. There are many plants out there that willdo great in shade or partial shade. Some plant tolerate low light. Shade plants include flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs and woodland plants. It is also possible to grow some herbs and leafy vegetables in partial shade. It is very important to know what plants do great in shade areas. Some shade plants will do great with low or partial sunlight for about 5 hours each day. Light is not the only important factor when gardening in shady area. It is very important that your plants get enough moisture.
Trees and other tall plants will act as an umbrella and plants beneath it won’t get as much rainfall. Trees and shrubs will compete with smaller plants for moisture that reach the ground. This is why smaller plants should be watered even when there is a lot of rainfall. Fertilizers should be applied to shade plants especially the smaller plants. These plants need to grow and survive the competition of tree and shrub roots. Annuals usually do better in light shade than in direct sunlight. Shade tolerant annuals include browallias, wax begonias and salvias. Bulbs like daffodils, begonia crocus and tulips will do great in shaded areas of the garden. These plant bulbs must be stored indoors during winter. Most of perennials will bloom in light shade. Some of these shade plants include hosta lillies, fern, wild violets and wild giner. Herbs andvegetables can also be grown in shaded areas of the garden, but they must have enough moisture and fertile soil. Groundcovers such as barrenwort and Japanese spurge
are used as shade plants. Woodland flowers that do great as shade plants include bellwort, bloodroot, cardinal flower, hepatica, foam flower, harebells, lungwort, trillium, wild columbine and many others. It might be hard for a shady garden to be filled up with flowers and blooms but with proper shade plants it can be possible and everyone can enjoy their refreshing and cool garden in bloom. Shade plants will prosper well in the shady garden as long as they get enough moisture and fertile soil. Shady garden can be beautiful and have a lot of flowers and blooms that will make a garden attractive, relaxing and refreshing place to be in.