Florida Shade Plants

In Florida, the growing season is really long. The soil is sandy and there are extremely wet season which is followed by dry season. Here are some best shade plants that grow well in Florida. Caladiums are great plants for central Florida climate. They produce pink, white and red spots on its green leaves. Caladiums die in winter, but will grow back the next spring. They are usually planted in a mass under a tree, where they grow well.
Clivia is a tropical plant that loves shade. It has long green leaves and yellow lilly flowers. Clivia spreads quickly and is ideal for southern Florida climate. Lady palm is a shrub that can grow large. It has dark green leaves. They are best planted between trees and large shrubs. Azaleas are great plants for shade. They produce beautiful blossom in many colors.
Azaleas can be found in many varieties from miniature to large. They are easy to grow plants, but need a lot of more watering than most plants. Blood lilies is a very unique looking plant. It produces a big red ball of flowers. It grows well in shade and can also be growin inside. Other shade plants that grow well in Florida are Impatients, Vanda Orchid and Wedelia.

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