Tropical Shade Plants

There are a wide variety of tropical shade plants that will do great in partial or complete shade areas of the garden. This plants are called tropical shade plants. A tropical landscape can be easily created in the garden that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight. Palms can do well in shade. Some of palms that will do well in shade inclue windmill palm, lady palm bamboo palm, fishtail palm, metallic palm and many others. Perennials are plants that can do grow in shade also. Some of them include bromeliads, caladiums, canna, begonias, sago palms, ginger, hosta, fern, wandering jew, peace lily and many others. There are also many shrubs out there that have a tropical feel like oleander, azaleas, heavenly bamboo, gardenia and others. Tropical trees usually thrive in the shade. Trees like banyan, seagrape, and sweet bay will do well in shaded areas. For a tropical accent in your shaded graden you can use these tropical shade grasses such as palm grass, umreblla sedge, palm sedge and liriope. There are many other tropical shade plants that will give your garden a freshing and relaxing touch of tropical setting. With a little imagination you can turn your shaded graden into a beautiful tropical place using many varieties od tropical shade plants.

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